Providing  versatile business support services is providing versatile services with international companies who want to build new business in Korea. The services include; providing physical business presence, setting up corporate, registering business to tax office, secretarial service, tax accounting and many more services including custom tailored service to clients specific needs.


column1-image1 Business Presence

We provide physical business address for your office in Korea plus local phone and fax number, which are essential tools for your business

column2-image1 Secretarial Service

Dedicated  client manager will take care of the calls and fax messages coming through your local phone and fax number and which will be reported to you by email. So, you will never lose important business chances

column3-image1Setting up Corporate

The next step is to set up a corporate and we help you to complete this process without any hassle.

column1-image2Business Registration

Once corporate setting up done, then, you need to visit tax office and register types of business and other necessary things to the tax office. We take care of this whole process on behalf of you.

column2-image1Tax Accounting

Once business getting started, you need to keep record all transactions and make regulatory reports to the tax office including VAT(value added tax) declaration. Don’t worry about it. Our team will take care of this whole process so that you can focus only on your core business.

column3-image1Cash Management

As long as maintaining business, there should happen expenses or expenditures. You can authorize us to perform it within proper limitation

column1-image3Website Localization

We help you to publish your website in Korean.

column2-image1Linguistic Service

In case when you need translation or interpretation service, you can ask us for help at any time.

column1-image3Custom-tailored Service

We also provide customized service packages tailored to your exact business needs. Once a package is created, we organize a specialized team dedicated to meeting your specific requirements

column3-image1Professional Consulting

The first challenge you will face when you start new business will be how to find a faithful adviser to aid you in difficult business decisions, market analysis and more. We will be your thoughtful and trusted adviser. In our consulting role, our sole purpose is to maximize your potential for success and minimize any risk of failure. You may consult us about your business at any time by email, phone or Skype.


We work as your thoughtful and trusted adviser